Saturday, 22 August 2009

a white cat hero

This is kinda funny story actually, but it slowly turns into a sad one. So let`s start

Everything started with an exciting view from my window. A cute catgarden with two participants from my own family Sam and Jana (the white cat in the middle is not mine) They seemed to have fun together

But it turned out that the whole situation was quitte different. The white cat didn`t seem to want only a childhood friendship with my cat - girl Jana :D

Noticing danger to the sister the twin cat Sam was on his way with help :D

Then I saw a little cat fight! But not a big one, they had it out :D

At the end the white cat had to leave his new love, because Sam was insisting.

The whole day this white cutie was looking for the cat-girl, but she didn`t come


When I woke up the next morning I saw something terrible. The white cat was dead, it was lying on the grass, without any breathing. And later I found out that it`s owner noticed dislocated feets, he also told that the cat was only 3 years old, so it made me wonder how cruel a person can actually be to do such a terrible thing! There is no other explanation how this cat could have died, it was not a natural death that`s for sure :( now I am worried about my own cats, their little paradise is distroyed with cruelity, I can not forbid them to go out, if I do, they won`t have a normal and happy cat - life... :( I am really sad about the white hero. I hope he will live many other happy cat - lives, as we all know they have 13 :)

I guess these were the last pictures of the white cat, I will give them to the cat - owner, his heart is really broken right now :(


ambiguous_angel said...

that's sad:(
I'm n0t really into cat but i d0nt hate them..

Jessica said...

oh my god.
this is so sad !!!
Who can do that to cat, poor little creature. And he was so pretty too, he looks so soft.
People are so cruel sometimes


On a happier note, your blog is greaat !