Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Right now I am not into blogging, I am not really into anything. Something really important goes on in my life and I have to make some important decisions, some huge efforts and this is what concerns me. Hopefully after a few days I will be feeling better.

I found these two amazing pictures, that I can relate to myself and my life - it is a huuuge jump, actually, a jump to something unexplored and unknown. I am terribly freaked out by this all. :S But hopefully, hopefully everything will go well!

Shots made in Paris, I found them here

Love, Nath


rodika said...

hey good luck with that!! :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

love your outfit

L_forlove said...

those photos are awesome! :)
and i know, i'm absolutely sure, that you will do great!

naicha said...

Thank you! (:

Louis said...

The bottom one looks amazing... it's like she's breaking free from gravity and everyhting in this world that's holding her back!

PS: You have a great blog!

naicha said...

Louis - i like the way you described the photo, i completely share your opinion! :)

I have already checked out your blog, it is amazing! i am already your follower! :)

Love, nath