Sunday, 31 January 2010


What a fantastic cup of hot chocolate we had in a little Parisian café with a cat on the table! Perfect place!

We had a walk in the Luxembourg garden and made some photos with Marion

She is a perfect model and reminds me of Karine Ferri, that model I wrote a post about a couple months ago!

And this is the main building of Sorbonne! Pretending to be wise! My face- expression is the best, as always... FAIL :D

Chilling in the garden. It's beautiful there

Saturday, 30 January 2010

missing person

Oh I miss them

I miss them so much!

My dearest in the world(

You are all lucky!

Don't start crying...

No use, no sense

Sometimes you need something as simple as your mum around you

And i don't know when I am gonna have her around!

And neither when I am gonna hug Emma!

Say hi to sadness.

Friday, 29 January 2010


9 o'clock, I am up, had my breakfast tea... is it a climat change or something?

Monday, 25 January 2010


Nekad, nekad, nekad neesmu spéléjusi tiiiiik labu gitáru ká this one! UN tik un tá gadás vinju nochiept tikai tad, kad Vincents (Allas másas vírs) nav májás! :D


Músu pusnakts spéle)
Es pirmo reizi vinnéju boulingá!! Aaa.. tik forshi... un ne meitenes, bet gan 4 (!) dzekus un Allu! Ahaha... un Nico vinnéja otro spéli! Saderígi! haha

Árpráts, un vakardienas skraidíshana pa lietaino vakara Parízi ar milzígajám brillém bija vienkárshi nepárspéjama! (operácija X) Més esam lieli bérni! To mums visi saka!))

Bijám pirmo reizi Rokkafejnícá-bárá, kur uz sienám pakártas slavenu múzikju gitáras, ar vinju autográfiem! Ljoti stiliigi! Klausiijaamies the Killers un Kooks un édám amerikánisko siera kúku!)

p.s. izrádás Parízé arí ir pa kádam rokerim, ar melnajám jostám, garajiem matiem un visiem tiem citiem atribútiem, kas pienákás! Weird.. however :D

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Hm... noleemu aprakstiit ko daru.. taatad, seezhu viena perfektaa dziivoklii, pieskatu mazu puisiiti, kas gulj, klausos muuuziku, skatos Friends, dzeru teeju... un kad paskatos aaraa pa logu... tepat 300 metru attaalumaa staav Eifeliitis un gaishi spiiid! Skaisti!!!))) maza idille...) eh..) man ir pie kaa tiekties!!!)

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Archive! Pretty amazing band! Tonight in Paris, and guess what, I am not going! Ha, as always!!!

But for real - who doesn't know it, must try out their sound))


Wine in a good company at home) What could be even better! I love germans, best people and I mean it) And finally I got to know a german GIRL too, everyone I met before were guys (incredible ones) but girls - lovely)))
And yesterday, I had a perfect date)

I like being here)

Monday, 18 January 2010


It is so nice to receive messages like from Bobo) (Bisous a toi ma puce :* i know you are reading my blog sometimes :D) Or Marion, just to say smth nice to a person or to say that you really like him - just smth of the kind! Refreshing! French style


Let a friendship begin! Met such a wonderful girl here, Marion! She is "my way" girl) and I am superhappy :))))

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Domination night

Alla's 18th birthday party! Great!)))

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Dumjam piedzimt nav nekáds kauns, tikai dumjam nomirt. (K.M.Remarks)
Paldies par grámatu, Liene!
Finitooo examitooo)))

Friday, 15 January 2010

and if...

Sometimes I wonder what would have been if I didn't go to France after all? I wouldn't meet all those people that play such a big part of my life now. It gives me the shivers when I think of it! Strange our lives are!

A goooood song for you of Pharell Williams, guys))

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

my way

I despirately want to read Erich Maria Remarque! Have to try to read him in french, no choice... Tomorow. Library, here I come in search for my dearest author! Let me remark that this amazing person was german! What a coincidence!

I have noticed that I like everything the other people don't. I love everything strange, ugly, bizzare. That all gives me chills and I am interested to explore it...

I can give so many examples. Like, french language. I don't like it. I love Quebec French. It is the same language, but it sounds differentely, have to admit, bizzare and a bit ''dorky'' and, as everybody says, - in one word horrible!
Like german - I love it, but nobody around likes it. French say that it is soooo ugly, they simply can't stand it!
Like music, everyone says that I have a really weird taste and I am not normal! Maybe they are wright. I hate almost every single song of top 40!
Like many things in relationships, in people's behaviour that I don't like. And some things that I appreciate much more when others don't give any attention.

I don't like Christmas, I don't like to celebrate my birthday only because I don't think that I have done smth special to be in the center of all attention. I hate shopping! Oh and Twilight and Harry Potter obsessions - stay away from me! I am not gonna be a part of these globalisation rising monsters!
None of these things makes me happy. Something completely different can make my day.

When I was living in Latvia, I met much more people who were "my way". In Paris I feel very special. As I was a person who had fallen from Mars.

People love folowing sterotypes. That makes me sick!

Anyway I have also noticed that my "special way" attracts others. And even though I am different I can still make friends very easily. At least this is a good thing.

Life is like a rainbow

Just wanted to post great great pictures of my friend. Nothing else to add. Stunning, to my mind.

/made by Maria Romanova.


Kāpēc Francija ir Francija? Jo mums ir šādi skolotāji! Iepazīstamies, klases audzinātājs, kā arī franču valodas skolotājs Msjē Le Skanff! Komentāri lieki! :D

Sunday, 10 January 2010

I've got a plan! Gonna be cruel this time! Bye bye my kindness!
klusums pirms vétras

Saturday, 9 January 2010


As the light goes out
Thoughts turn to angels
Over us

Dreams start their drifting
And you hear a lullaby

A lullaby
You and I

/one of the most beautiful songs heard in my life. It always makes me cry. It is special to me. And very dear.

Lullaby - Ryan Tedder


Booooored... my I pod is my friend... and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic!

Friday, 8 January 2010


Thinking about you!)
And listening to OneRepublic - Sucker Punch

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Es shodien uzzinaaju, ka netaalu no manas maajas, 10 minuushu gaajienaa ir kreivu veikalinjsh IZBA, un tur var nopirkt PELMENJUS!!!! un KIEGELIITI!!! PRJANJIKUS, BARANKAS! Es biju sveetlaimee no shiis zinjas! Nevaru sagaidiit riitdienu, lai nopirktu savus pelmenjus! :D

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


stress is in the air. exams. but we can do it. and it is fun to have friends around, all stressed out, sitting in the library or metro, trying to learn smth, but at the same time talking and laughing about other funny and cool stuff. we get the best jokes during this stressful time! i guess this is university!

Monday, 4 January 2010


Yeei! Fabian is back! There are people that make you smile just without a reason. He is one of them!) SMIIIIIILEEE))))

By the way, while being back in Paris, it doesnt feel like home.. maybe in some years...

back in Paris

Man liekas, ka es pamazaam nojuudzos. Vai arii, tas tikai deelj paaraak ilga brauciena vienatnee. Jo man itkaa paveicaas, jo visu celju neviens blakus neseedeeja! BET Vai tas ir normaali, ja

-buudama Polijas tualetee es podaa redzeeju zivi? Bet patieshaam... vinja peldeeja un kusteejaas... ZIVS!!! Man liekas, ka es to tualeti jau 3.reizi apmekleeju. Otro reizi noteikti! Braucienaa uz Franciju, Itaaliju, taa ir ikgadeeja tradiicija tur pietureet :D Ai un man nepatiik braukt cauri visai Polijai, kaut gan tur taada specifiska Ziemassveetku atmosfeera, viss ljoti izrotaats, katra maaja iipashi izdekoreeta, pateishaaam lieliska Ziemiishu atmosfeera. BET runaajot par parastajaam daudzdziivoklju maajaam! NU vnk briesmas! Kaada bezgaumiiba! Taas kraasainaas kastes! KUR VEEL briesmiigaak vareeja izdomaat! Izskataas drausmiigi! Zheel ka nebija fotoaparaata blaakaam. Conclusion - labaak tad muusu parastaaas peleekaas Purvciema piena pakas!
-Autobusaa dzirdeeju to dziesmu - Shalalalala in the morning, in the evening, in the sunshine utt... un es saaku domaat, vai taa dziesma nav gadiijumaa par sexu? Bet veelaak apskatoties lyrics, sapratu, ka tomeer nee... :D Vienkaarshi shausmas! Kas man galvaa daraas?
-Aiz nekaa nedariishanas klausiijos prieksheejaa seedeklja divu viirieshu sarunas, kas bija visai aizraujoshas iisteniibaa! Tas viens no vinjiem ir apceljojis visu pasauli, ljoti gudrs cilveeks, interesanti staasta un vienmeer ar humoru, taa ka pashai gruuti bija notureeties aizmuguree un nesmieties... Igaunietis, bet runaa krieviski. Iedomaajaties, vinjam tieshi pie maajas ir upe, un vinjsh no piektaa staava, no sava dziivoklja kjeera zivis!! :D Un igaunji pretii upei iereeca par vinju! Domaaju gan :D Vispaar amizanti vinjam tie staasti bija. Bet forshi un noteikti patiesi!
-Bet tad mani paarseedinaaja, bet es tik un taaa klausiijos to divu viirieshu sarunas... jau no attaaluma! :D Ak es stulbaa :D
-Izbraucaam cauri daudzaam Eiropas galvaspilseetaam. Tik ljoti gribeejaas redzeet Berliini, bet kaa par spiiti tai pabraucaam garaam naktii.. kad guleeeju! Neskatoties uz Royal Class autobusu, nu nebija viegli guleet.. pat ar diviem kreesliem!!
-Jaa, starpcitu man ljoti patika Holandes pilseeta ROTERDAMA, skaista skaista skaista! Pashlaik ietilps manaas top 5 Eiropas pilseetaas! Noteikti buus jaaizbrauc!

- aa un pats trakaakais ka man vnk NEVEICAS! Tad kad mani paarseedinaaja es biju atkal viena, un priekshaa meitene seedeeja arii viena... un vinjai pieseedaas blakus vnk SKAISTS tieshaam SKAISTS puisis... iekaapa Polijaa...labi, ja vinjsh buutu tikai skaists.. bet vinjsh uzreiz saaka runaat ar to meiteni, tik draudziigs un komunikabls, un izraadaas vinjsh no Amerikas, studee Amsterdamaa filozofiju! Nee, nu vnk perfektuma iemiesojums, un man priekshaa seezh... bet taa Lietuviete ne buuu ne beee nevareeja pateikt, jo vinjai slikta anglju valoda.. un tad veel vinja arii krieviski nerunaaja, bet tam amerikaanietim ljoti patika krievu valoda un kreivi, bet tai lietuvietei atkal riebaas viss kas saistiits ar krievu valodu... vispaar MUMS BIJA LEMTS seedeet kopaaa!!! Es nopietni saku, es tad pieveersos vinju sarunai un man visu laiku gribeejaas tik daudz ko pastaastiit tam dzhekam!!! Taa meitene bija vnk AAAAAAA... cik stulbaaa!! es jums saku! Vinjsh prasa, vai kreivu alfabeeetam ir latiinju burti vai kirilics... un vinja NEZIN kas IR LATTIIINJU BURTI!! UN viss ko vinja vareeja pateikt bija - Oh My GOd! Wow! nu es tieshama nevaru, man bija taadas dusmas! Tiehsaam manupraat intelektuaaali ne ljoti gudra meitene! Un Tik forshs puisis..mums bija daudz kas kopiiigs! un NEEEEEE!!!!!!! Vinjsh apseedaas blakus vinjai!! Taa meitene lai gan maacaas Sorbonaa, arii Pariizee... bet vinja bija tik tieshaam annoying!!! Stjuartei franciski prasa, vai vinja nerunaa franciski.. baigaa francuuziete atradusies! :D Lai latvieshu stjuarte runaatu franciski, yes ofcourse! No saakuma vinjai buutu anglju valoda jaaiemaacaas! aii.. es esmu vnk UPSET!!! Man taa patiik runaaties ar amerikaanjiem!
Tas bija mans dveeseles kliedziens! Jums vnk mani jaasaprot! :D Jaa un taa meitene, starpcitu, nebija vispaar smuka! Manupraat tas puisis veel kaut kaa samierinaatos ar vinjas valodas prasmeeem, ja vinjai buutu ljoti pievilciiga, bet arii taa nebija! Nu man bija zheel mazleit vinja, jo vareeja redzeet, ka vinjsh gribeeja parunaaties un iepaziities ar kaadu autobusaa! Un mani vinjsh neredzeeja, jo tas stulbais SEEDEKLIS MAN BIJA PRIEKHSAAA!!
- aa un tad veel kas man nepatika - nevareeju nevienam atbildeet ne no lv numura ne no fr nummura, jo nebija krediita ne vienaa ne otraa! Es vnk truli lasiiju iiszinjas no visiem, kas man suutiija un seedeeju! Man arii pazvaniit neviens nevareeeja, jo tad arii man bija jaamaksaa, un es tik sanjeemu iiszinjas - atvainojamies, juus nevarat sanjemt ienaakosho zvanu, jo juusu krediits ir 00000... kaa tracinaaaa!!!!!!

Jaa bet tagad jau esmu Pariizee un viss ok, ar visiem sazinaajos.. ) Dziive atkal rit pilnaa sparaa

Un Qin ir vnk neiedomaajams! Es gulju un vinjsh no riita ieraapjas pie manis gultaa un saka, cik ljoti es vinjam pietruuku! LOL! Ak tie stulbie kiinieshi! Bet nopietni, vinjiem nav nekaadu uzvediibas manieru!! Gaidu Fabianu!!! un Spaanieti manu, Anu!! )))

ok pagaidaam, viss, attaaa)


Such a cool and happy New Years eve with german guys, canadian and deutch girl!) And my friends, ofcourse!!) As i said, Riga's parties are Awesome!!)