Monday, 28 December 2009

i am not sure if I really want to go back! :/

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Be more simple and people will start loving you)

I Love You))

party hard

Yum...Riga's parties are always the hardest ones! No Doubt!
let's do it again?

Saturday, 26 December 2009


Time goes fast!)) we grow old)) and happy)

Friday, 25 December 2009


I am like a Grinch, who doesn't like Christmas! The only thing I like about it is the annual movie Home Alone. What's so special about Christmas? Is it time of forgiving? For me it looks like everybody does nothing but eats and gives presents... but if you are not religious, for what reason are you celebrating Christmas? I think we should all be aware of what Christmas is about.

The fact that everybody should bring presents to your family and friends concerns me the most - it is like an obligation, that you can't avoid. Christmas is getting only about presents.. and that's so annoying.
And then people compare what they have got like it was some kind of compitition.

I am not saying that all people are the same. No, not at all. I am just analysing and generalising from what I see around me.

Just think - if you love someone, whoever it is - your mum, grandfather, your friend or boyfriend - it is much mooore fun to offer a present in an ordinary day, when nobody expects it! This is the way it is.

Sasha Funke - we are facing the sun

But i truly wish you all a Marry Christmas! Let it be full of happiness for you all, full of love and understanding!))

Love, Nath

Monday, 21 December 2009

Valentino spring 2010 couture

If i ever had a VALENTINO spring 2010 dress.. .))

Sunday, 20 December 2009

I love being home with my sister, my familly, friends) Don't want to think about leaving... but I know that i have to. For my own sake. Here is nothing to do, here is no future, unfortunately we all know that. I am sorry for my country. i hope smth will change though, in some years. But either way i will stay in my city, Paris!)

Saturday, 19 December 2009


I am back home! And it is snowing in Paris! What a miracle!)))

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Daul Kim.

I am sure you all know this girl, model Daul Kim

"A leading fashion model who had worked for Chanel has been found hanged in her Paris flat after leaving a final post on her blog that read: “Say hi to forever.”

Daul Kim, 22, was discovered by a male friend in her apartment in the 10th arrondissement yesterday morning. Police said that they suspected suicide."


What is interesting though that she wrotte a blog.
Now it is closed to the public,
Bet here are some quotations from it, that describes her life. She was very unhappy with her life, despite all her beauty and money that she had. I am sorry for her.

"In one of her early posts, she wrote: “My life as Daul was so sad and lonely. Join me in my solitude in another world.”

On October 31 she posted the entry: “I think this year I will remember today as the day I slept 10 hours without any help of anything or anyone without any dreams and woke up feeling peaceful and happy. No more running away from something or someone or myself.”

‘Honestly, I’ve been in hell’

November 18 “Say hi to forever”

November 15 “Oh but how lonely it is. then and now”

October 30 “I was getting mad depressed and overworked in seoul. ppl tell me to do something, and i do it, and then they always tell me don’t do anything. and when i don’t do anything they also tell me to do something”

October 29 “What are you doing for halloween . . . nothing special i’m already a monster”

October 26 “So many times I almost jumped but didn’t”

October 15 “My life is so god damn predictable its disgusting”

October 10 “So imagine . . . how much stress i get from work honestly ive been in hell last few weeks”

September 25 “I wore high high heels and short short skirts to hide my depression and weakness tried to hide my loneliness by hornyness”

August 22 “I need to learn how to stop destroying myself and be nice to myself”


This is why I find her so good:

Thursday, 10 December 2009


I feel like blogging tonight and this is what i have got. It reminds me a bit of my home (city Jūrmala), as well as a bay of Australia, a dream country I really hope to reach sometime !))

As it is sooo sooo warm in Paris I am totaly not into Christmas mood as you see :D But hopefully, when I get home I will have one!))

Don't ignore!

Urge University to Release Robert into a Loving Home

During its eight-month undercover investigation of the University of Utah's laboratories, PETA discovered that on March 13, 2009, the school purchased a gentle orange tabby cat named Robert for $15 from the Davis County Animal Shelter. Robert was used in cruel experiments in which deep incisions were cut into his skull and electrodes were implanted into his brain. Electrical current was fired through the electrodes, stimulating neurons that caused Robert's legs to move involuntarily.

Laboratory "life" has been difficult for Robert, leaving the cat physically worn, skittish, and withdrawn. However, PETA has learned that the electrodes can be removed from Robert's brain and that the incisions can be closed.

PETA is calling on the university's president to intervene immediately and urge the faculty to allow Robert to be adopted into a loving home. We are also urging the university to put an end to its cruel practice of performing painful and deadly experiments on cats and dogs purchased from area animal shelters.

Please contact University of Utah President Michael Young and politely ask that he intervene immediately in Robert's case, giving the traumatized cat a second chance at life.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Turn around and see people that are in need!

I have had a very interesting talk today with a person who has tried to make a suicide many many times, who has been in a psycho clinic and have had hard times for all her life. At her 20 she has lost all her hope to find love, to get well with her family, to find friends. Even though she might seem a litle bit bizzare sometimes, I find her absolutely normal, just a bit "not ready" for a big life. Sometimes we laugh about such people, when smb does something wrong or unapropriate, but, when we really start getting to know this person better, we see the real soul and the kindness of heart, and we start to understand how unhappy this person actually is. I ask to myslef why can't it be me or my friend just besides me who can help to such people, at least the ones that we really know are in need of help? Instead of laughing or ignoring, why can't we help? I should be the first. And I already am. Just think
Pourtant j'aime bien les mercredis lol !)))

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


You know, there are days, when you don't feel as good as you want just without any reason? The reason might be only the day, and for me its a Tuesday !

Monday, 7 December 2009

Nina Ricci

Quite a busy day! After university went for some shopping to buy a birthday gift for one of our friends! This is what we have got.

Amazing Nina Ricci apple perfume !

Who would mind to have one?))

Loves, Nath)

Sunday, 6 December 2009


I have done a lot of research work today for my univesity, feeling kinda smart and inteligent because it was all in french! Nothing speacial happenned though, apart from one thing! I found my new roommate and she is spanish girl with a very very funny accent! She is moving in tomorow, well, we'll see how it goes on...
To speak about the appartements in Paris, it is just an awful thing in here, I am so gladful that i have one. After putting the announce I have got more than 50 calls nd e mail letters from people searching and being already READY taking my room! it is just crazy!

(unfortunately all my old roommates are gone, Yuri, Mariska, they found another appartement, and Fabian he is off to Germany for a month! oh, by the way, haven't i told you how great are german guys???)

*listening to Paul Kalkbrenner (another german guy, dj, techno music god lol)

Good Life

A small chapter of my life in Paris is missing in this blog, sorry about that, but now I am back!
From now on I wont call it "a life in Paris", it is just my life, i understood that i really want to stay in here, it is a place where i matter how hard it could have been, all the things i have had here were just priceless, i would never experience anything of the kind in my own country, all the emotions i have had, My Godness... all the people i have met... it is all i want. An interestig life! And it is!

fully recovered

Oh my dear, i am fully recoverd, fully happy and satisfied with my life! I can go on with my blog... it took a while ! But i had to go through some things to became stronger!

Friday, 6 November 2009


Oh Mon Dieu! My brother is on Russian TV in St Petersburg! RIGHT ON! I am so proud, and I can really tell you, I have the best cousin in the world! :)

Love, Nath

Thursday, 22 October 2009

you can be cruel to me

Timon: Look, kid. Bad things happen, and you can't do anything about it. Right?
Young Simba: Right.
Timon: Wrong. When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Stars du Rire

This is where I have been on 19th of octobre! Laughing a lot and enjoying my time... the emission of the most grand humorists of France! They really did make me laugh! Pay attention to the actor GAD ELMALEH on the right corner (black and white picture)! The one from the superduper movie - Hors De Prix with Audrey Tatoo! I was so pleasantely surprised! All in all, hard to describe my emotions, but the evening was just great, unexpectedly great! Thank you, dear Raf, for invitation! :)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

a bit of sadness

I'm sitting across from you
And dreaming of the things I do
I don't speak, you don't know me at all

For fear of what you might do
I say nothing but stare at you
And I'm dreaming

MIKA - I see you

Friday, 16 October 2009

La bougie

Haven`t written for a long time. But I promise, promise, promise, not only to you, but to myslef too to writte more often.
Recently, I just looked over my blog, and realised what great emotions i get while reading all the old entries. The photos of me and my sister Emma almost made me burst into tears... It is actually such a good thing, a BLOG. Just a perfect way how to keep your memories! :)

So, the last few days I have spent in quite a rush, going to school, meeting my new schoolmates, searching for job, having job interviews, presentations and other not very interesting things.

School and my schoolmates are just great! Ofcourse, i find it very difficult to learn in french, but hopefully, after some months i will get used to it!

As for the pictures, I have made some for you. In fact, one day there was no electricity in our appartement. It was a funny day, because we realized how MANY things we can`t do without it... but there was one thing to do - to make pictures with candles... and voila... :)

My model - Mariska James

And sexy Fabian! :D

Love you all!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

pros only!

What do I like about Paris?

~morning walks after la baguette
~Direct matin et Dirrect soir publications
~Metro lignes without conductors
~people, people, people, diversity!
~sunny weather
~rendez vous every day
~driving the car in the night Paris
~pretending to be the real french girl to the foreigners and speaking with terrible accent :D Never thought it could be that fun! :D
~listening to music, walking in the rhythm and... smiling... :)

today was my first day at school.. and I did my firt homework... feeling good :D

listening to Good Life by One Republic.
and whistling around.. :)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

funny photo of mine

The first time i am publishing the photo of mine. First off, so that you could finally see who has been actually writting all this stuff before, second, because this photo is so funny, i look like a nerd in a redicilously awkward way! :D and third because it was taken at the end of september, and you see - how warm it is outside!!! :)

Paris, Chateaux Chantilly

Have a nice day! :)

Monday, 28 September 2009

daily life of students

These are the things you have to deal with while sharing the appartement with other students

Shoes, shoes and shoes

Duties of keeping the kitchen clean

Notes for the lazy ones (boys)

A lot o shampoos in the bathroom

A lot of rice if you live with chinese

Shared warderobe

And ofcourse, cool flatmates!!! :) (photo of Fabian and Qin comming soon)


And Mariska

See you soon, bye