Saturday, 12 December 2009

Daul Kim.

I am sure you all know this girl, model Daul Kim

"A leading fashion model who had worked for Chanel has been found hanged in her Paris flat after leaving a final post on her blog that read: “Say hi to forever.”

Daul Kim, 22, was discovered by a male friend in her apartment in the 10th arrondissement yesterday morning. Police said that they suspected suicide."


What is interesting though that she wrotte a blog.
Now it is closed to the public,
Bet here are some quotations from it, that describes her life. She was very unhappy with her life, despite all her beauty and money that she had. I am sorry for her.

"In one of her early posts, she wrote: “My life as Daul was so sad and lonely. Join me in my solitude in another world.”

On October 31 she posted the entry: “I think this year I will remember today as the day I slept 10 hours without any help of anything or anyone without any dreams and woke up feeling peaceful and happy. No more running away from something or someone or myself.”

‘Honestly, I’ve been in hell’

November 18 “Say hi to forever”

November 15 “Oh but how lonely it is. then and now”

October 30 “I was getting mad depressed and overworked in seoul. ppl tell me to do something, and i do it, and then they always tell me don’t do anything. and when i don’t do anything they also tell me to do something”

October 29 “What are you doing for halloween . . . nothing special i’m already a monster”

October 26 “So many times I almost jumped but didn’t”

October 15 “My life is so god damn predictable its disgusting”

October 10 “So imagine . . . how much stress i get from work honestly ive been in hell last few weeks”

September 25 “I wore high high heels and short short skirts to hide my depression and weakness tried to hide my loneliness by hornyness”

August 22 “I need to learn how to stop destroying myself and be nice to myself”


This is why I find her so good:

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