Friday, 25 December 2009


I am like a Grinch, who doesn't like Christmas! The only thing I like about it is the annual movie Home Alone. What's so special about Christmas? Is it time of forgiving? For me it looks like everybody does nothing but eats and gives presents... but if you are not religious, for what reason are you celebrating Christmas? I think we should all be aware of what Christmas is about.

The fact that everybody should bring presents to your family and friends concerns me the most - it is like an obligation, that you can't avoid. Christmas is getting only about presents.. and that's so annoying.
And then people compare what they have got like it was some kind of compitition.

I am not saying that all people are the same. No, not at all. I am just analysing and generalising from what I see around me.

Just think - if you love someone, whoever it is - your mum, grandfather, your friend or boyfriend - it is much mooore fun to offer a present in an ordinary day, when nobody expects it! This is the way it is.

Sasha Funke - we are facing the sun

But i truly wish you all a Marry Christmas! Let it be full of happiness for you all, full of love and understanding!))

Love, Nath

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