Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Turn around and see people that are in need!

I have had a very interesting talk today with a person who has tried to make a suicide many many times, who has been in a psycho clinic and have had hard times for all her life. At her 20 she has lost all her hope to find love, to get well with her family, to find friends. Even though she might seem a litle bit bizzare sometimes, I find her absolutely normal, just a bit "not ready" for a big life. Sometimes we laugh about such people, when smb does something wrong or unapropriate, but, when we really start getting to know this person better, we see the real soul and the kindness of heart, and we start to understand how unhappy this person actually is. I ask to myslef why can't it be me or my friend just besides me who can help to such people, at least the ones that we really know are in need of help? Instead of laughing or ignoring, why can't we help? I should be the first. And I already am. Just think

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