Sunday, 6 December 2009

Good Life

A small chapter of my life in Paris is missing in this blog, sorry about that, but now I am back!
From now on I wont call it "a life in Paris", it is just my life, i understood that i really want to stay in here, it is a place where i matter how hard it could have been, all the things i have had here were just priceless, i would never experience anything of the kind in my own country, all the emotions i have had, My Godness... all the people i have met... it is all i want. An interestig life! And it is!


Toothfairy said...

good to see you back... post more now! missed you...


bobo said...

Yeah yeah parisians are good ( I am) ahaha.
Très contente de te connaître!!
J'aime bien t'embéter !!!