Thursday, 10 December 2009

Don't ignore!

Urge University to Release Robert into a Loving Home

During its eight-month undercover investigation of the University of Utah's laboratories, PETA discovered that on March 13, 2009, the school purchased a gentle orange tabby cat named Robert for $15 from the Davis County Animal Shelter. Robert was used in cruel experiments in which deep incisions were cut into his skull and electrodes were implanted into his brain. Electrical current was fired through the electrodes, stimulating neurons that caused Robert's legs to move involuntarily.

Laboratory "life" has been difficult for Robert, leaving the cat physically worn, skittish, and withdrawn. However, PETA has learned that the electrodes can be removed from Robert's brain and that the incisions can be closed.

PETA is calling on the university's president to intervene immediately and urge the faculty to allow Robert to be adopted into a loving home. We are also urging the university to put an end to its cruel practice of performing painful and deadly experiments on cats and dogs purchased from area animal shelters.

Please contact University of Utah President Michael Young and politely ask that he intervene immediately in Robert's case, giving the traumatized cat a second chance at life.

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