Tuesday, 29 September 2009

funny photo of mine

The first time i am publishing the photo of mine. First off, so that you could finally see who has been actually writting all this stuff before, second, because this photo is so funny, i look like a nerd in a redicilously awkward way! :D and third because it was taken at the end of september, and you see - how warm it is outside!!! :)

Paris, Chateaux Chantilly

Have a nice day! :)


Char said...

you're adorable

nifer said...

I don't think you look awkward! I think you look fabulous, and that is such a gorgeous picture!

~ Jen

Ieva said...

i have to agree, you indeed look fabulous ;)*
just so happy, i think paris have that effect on people in general..
ofcourse for sure i will know only when i'll visit you but thats off topic :P

Ieva said...

oh and i really like the second pic with the beautiful flowers too, it's just so sunny and warm..
wish it was the same weather here.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I think she posted this because she knew she looked fabulous. But is a little shy, so pretended it's awkward :)

Manju said...

you certainly do NOT look like a nerd!
have a great weekend hun :)

Nath said...

The Kid In The Front Row - not, not, not at all, dear! :)