Friday, 11 September 2009

Gonna be a christian if you want me to!

I am loving the last days in Latvia that I spend. Laughter, memories, smile on every ones face, amazing atmosphere, parties called "party hardy" so that you don`t remember half of the night that you have spent :D And tomorow`s a big city song festival where more than 10 choirs are going to sing together Latvian national songs. A good way how to say goodbye to my country, huh? Well, the timetable is just so so busy that I don`t have any time to worry or get stressed about my departure ( in 3 days).

Today was full of different events, but the one I am going to talk about was the most remarkable. My grandmother decided to take me to the church to pray for God and light up the candles for my trip. Let`s get it straight, I am not a prayerful person, though I respect the church and all the stuff that they do. I am just not into it, it is not my business, I believe in so many other things, like the soul energy and the life after life. But not in God and Ave Maria. My grandmother made me do a lot of things i actually didn't want to do, I felt so awkward and afterwards, i had a big argument with my grandmother about it when I said that the whole thing is just not for me.

What i just wanted to say is, that if i don`t believe in God doesn`t mean that i am bad person. I believe in good energy that is spread in the air and universe, i believe in smile and heart to heart relationships. Nature and my soul - is the one and only God for me. And if you go to church like a lot of old people do - just to make impression that you are a GOOD person it doesn`t mean that you actually are. The most important is your attitude, the words you say to the others, emotions that you share with the others and not - going to church. Not at all. I hope that I didn`t insult anyone with this entry. I respect all opinions. Thank you.

Love, Nath

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Toothfairynotes said...

I'm super with you!!!!!! you go girl!