Sunday, 27 September 2009

Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion

Paris is a city of fashion. I could describe it in three words - glamorous, expensive and chique. Yesterday, while having a party in Saint Michel, I completely understood it. Boys can never get inside the club without girls, girls never get inside without appropriate shoes and outfit. The cheapest drink you can find out there is 10 euros which was completely shoking for me and my mexican friend Yuri. But i would never complain about fun in here - nude barmens and waiters dancing on my table - hmm... cest pas mal :D (not bad) The atmosphere of the night Paris is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

As my roommate Mariska is a designer she is completely obsessed with everything that is connected with fashion. And just by hazard it turned out that this is a Paris fashion film festival week and so we decided to go and see what it actually is (for me and Jury it is completely unexplored field)

The fashion film festival, which was created by Diane Pernet (woman in the picture), is ment for discovering new talants all over the world, we saw many different movies about fashion that lasted 5 minutes max and later we had to vote for them. The awards will be given on the next week in the Centre Pompidou and I am intereseted to go there.

SO this was a little description of my last two days.

I am very sad though that I am not in Riga right now, my friend from France is visiting Riga right now and he is having so much fun with all my latvian friends, i am just a little bit sad that i can`t share laughter with them. And I really want to see him...I wish he were here... but... never mind... i am in PARIS! And i love everything about it!

And, people in here are so open minded, when i was moving in my new appartement i didnt have to worry about my luggage. Everytime there was some guy on the street who came to me and helped me out with it :D Incredible :D People just come and say to you that you look good, they want to help you, they want to talk. It has never happenned to me before. I have never thought that it is so easy to make friends on the street... but in Paris, it is SO possible.

So my dears, if you want to get more information about Diane Pernet and the fashion show, you visit her web page right here

If not, I wish you truly great sunday, spend it with your family and the people you love. And appreciate every minute of it. I say it as I miss mine so bad.

Love, Nath


Char said...

that sounds like a perfect kind of day - that people are nice and help


Sara said...

thank you :)
I hope you are having yourself a great Sunday!