Wednesday, 13 January 2010

my way

I despirately want to read Erich Maria Remarque! Have to try to read him in french, no choice... Tomorow. Library, here I come in search for my dearest author! Let me remark that this amazing person was german! What a coincidence!

I have noticed that I like everything the other people don't. I love everything strange, ugly, bizzare. That all gives me chills and I am interested to explore it...

I can give so many examples. Like, french language. I don't like it. I love Quebec French. It is the same language, but it sounds differentely, have to admit, bizzare and a bit ''dorky'' and, as everybody says, - in one word horrible!
Like german - I love it, but nobody around likes it. French say that it is soooo ugly, they simply can't stand it!
Like music, everyone says that I have a really weird taste and I am not normal! Maybe they are wright. I hate almost every single song of top 40!
Like many things in relationships, in people's behaviour that I don't like. And some things that I appreciate much more when others don't give any attention.

I don't like Christmas, I don't like to celebrate my birthday only because I don't think that I have done smth special to be in the center of all attention. I hate shopping! Oh and Twilight and Harry Potter obsessions - stay away from me! I am not gonna be a part of these globalisation rising monsters!
None of these things makes me happy. Something completely different can make my day.

When I was living in Latvia, I met much more people who were "my way". In Paris I feel very special. As I was a person who had fallen from Mars.

People love folowing sterotypes. That makes me sick!

Anyway I have also noticed that my "special way" attracts others. And even though I am different I can still make friends very easily. At least this is a good thing.

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