Wednesday, 12 August 2009


To my mind there is no use to describe how it was during these couple of days, when I was in the countryside, because I bet that everyone has been in there and is sure that this is the place where you are bound to have total relax (that mixes with work) and pleasantly calming tranquility in your heart.

Lately I have had a lot of stress and headaches about thousands of problems, but this little trip helped me out and I am feeling much better now. I am filled with new positive energy that I am going to use on my future decisions and plans.

And these are the pictures I took there, let them call - little games of shadows.
My models - Liene and Baiba Andersone, and little Līva

And this is me. Tranquility in my heart.

Je sais que tout ira bien! HAKUNA MATATA!

Love, Nath

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