Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Story about how I got my first umbrella

I am not keen on umbrellas. In other words I just never put them in my bag whether it is sunny outside or it is 90 % sure that it's going to rain. Because of that I have had so many failures in my life. For example, a completely miserable look in my graduation class photo, where a half of my blouse was dark brown and the other half light brown (as I didn`t have time to dry it), AND MY HAIR - thank God one of my classmates had a hair straightener (what a miracle), so that girl really helped me by pulling me out of a really "shitty" situation. Like it is on in this picture with George Bush :D

But it is not the right story i wanted to tell you. The thing is that yesterday my mum got me my first personal umbrella! She came to me with a smiling face, giving my a hug and saying - happy name`s day, Natalie! :D Everything would be alright if I really had a name`s day! :D As I later found out she thought I had it on 18th of august but actually it is on 26th :D I find it gargeous :D

And today I found some really cute umbrellas in the internet and I want to share the pictures with you. I love the creativity. I am definately buying one of these kinds in the immediate future!

rainbow colours

Romantic, huh? :)

*Translation - sh*t, it rains!

Always sunny and bright under it!

You can stand under my umbrella ella ella, eh eh eh! :D Peace out!


L_forlove said...

my favorite umbrella is the one in the first picture! :D I have had the failure George Bush is having in the picture, and i can say, it's quite embarrassing, but it looks so funny :D

Couture Carrie said...

Ha! to the George Bush pic...

Love that last umbrella with the clouds inside!


J.Me. said...

The two-handed one is SO necessary! It's so hard to walk with a friend under one or two separate umbrellas. I really like the last one a LOT.

Nath said...

J. Me - yeah, it looks so cool, but my friends don`t believe in this two handed umbrella,, they say that it is 100 % photoshoped, possibne, isnt it :)