Saturday, 29 August 2009

inspired by: Karine Ferri

So, dear boys and girls, this is my turn to speak about the world of fashion. Particulary, models that I prefer. There are not many of them that I love though, but Karine Ferri, is my all time favorite. I am totally inspired by her as a model, porsonality and just a woman. She is the most beautiful brunette i have ever seen, seriously, my love to her is enormous. I`ll give you some reasons why i adore her:

~first of, she is french
~but her origin is italian which i adore even more
~her photoshoots are amazing
~she is not ashamed to make nude photoshoots
~she is attractive internally
~She has created the organisation "Assosiation Gregory Lemarchal" to fight against the terrible illness Muscovidose and help the others, all this in sake of her love Gregory Lemarchal, who passed away in april 30, 2007 [1st picture]
~She always wears the necklace of her love Gregory
~She can hide her pain with smile even though inside it hurts so much
~She was strong enough to go through the death of her love and started a new life
~her smile and positive attitude lightens up my day
~she is so feminine
~she is so perfect.


hrose said...

she's stunning! she has such a natural, and yet powerful beauty.

Heidi Rose said...

This is a good assortment of pictures to show her versatility.
What first brought her to your attention?

Nath said...

thank you girls, i appreciate that you like the photos I chose , even though it was so so hard :)

Heidi Rose- i can`t name one particular thing, maybe it was her feminine beauty and charisma! :)

Couture Carrie said...

She is a beauty!
Fabulous selection of photos, darling!


Natalie said...

thanks for all the great feedback on my pics...
i've started a brand new blog! be sure to visit!


Italo said...

Ciao Nath :)
Karine is beautiful because:
1) SHe's beautiful :D
2) she's Attractive Internaly :D
3) She's a little Italian too
4) She's a good person, generous
Nice post, NAth. Have a funny sunday.

Sara said...

She is so delicately beautiful!!
what is "Muscovidose"?

Nath said...

thank you, guys, for commenting! :)
and Sara - Muscovidose is yet unexplored illness that troubles breathing organs. For the most occasions the patient doesn`t survive, as the only help can be the organ transplantation, that is a very difficult operation and not always gives the positive results.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Never heard of her before, but she's lovely!

Tiana Couture's Addict said...

waouh she is very beautiful and glamourous!she have the sexyness in her blood! sure!^^
I love the third photo!
xoxo honey!

Nath said...

she completey has! :) thanks, girls!