Monday, 31 August 2009

My country

Dears, the whole blogging is a large scale thing, I see how different we are, how many different thoughts we share, and ideas, but at the same time we have something in common, which is so nice and thrilling. So I have one ordinary but either interesting question. Where are y`all from?

Let`s start with myslef, I am representing Latvia and the capital city Riga [even though I am leaving to Paris after 15 days, Riga will always be in my heart, because here is my family, my friends and all the best momeries of my life]. If you are more interested in my country you shall watch the video below. It is truly beautiful place, indeed.
But I am so eager to see the comments from YOU and to hear something interesting that you can tell about your place and country :)

xoxo, Nath


Heidi Rose said...

I am from Wisconsin, which is on the western side of Lake Michigan (One of the Great Lakes) in the USA.

Amanda K said...


I'm from NY, USA.

lolly-jolly said...

i'm sure your counry is beautiful! but why do you leave paris? :/ isn't that sad?
I'm from Bulgaria. Actually many people doesn't know it. But i hope everybody who is in europe should know BG yet. :) My town is Veliko Tarnovo and it was a capital many years ago. it's a historical and beautiful places. one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria indeed :)

Nath said...

Heidi Rose, Amanda K - wow, USA, supercool :D it seems so so so far away from where I live. I have never been there but it is one of my dreams to visit your country, thats fur sure! :)

Lolly-jolly - As i am from Europe, I know Bulgaria very well, the first thing that comes to my mind is the sun, the sea, hot weather and health resorts. My friend recently went to Bulgaria, after the trip she was, first of all, so so happy and satisfied, and second, she became literally black! :D

Katie Frank said...

Hi Nath,
I love the video.
I'm from Croatia and many outside Europe don't know about it and many think that we exist only since 1991.
But my country exists since the 6th century but not many of the foreigners know that.
Our country is one of the most beautiful places.
We have the cleanest and most paradise alike beaches, gorgeous mountains and continental landscape.
We have many traditions and a colorful culture, great folk music, beautiful national apparels, awesome food and a long history.
It's too sad that many strangers don't know about little countries like yours and mine because they're missing a lot of fun.


Italo said...

Ciao, I know Your country is beautiful. A lot of friend visited it.
PS: I'm from Italy ahahahah

nifer said...

Hey Nath! Thank you for following my blog, it's great to have you!

I live in Rhode Island, USA, which I believe is the smallest state in the country. We are known as the Ocean State because most of the state is located right on the coastline, and we have many beaches. I just recently moved to Rhode Island, however; I grew up in Massachusetts, which borders Rhode Island. The two states are very close, and, in fact, I still work in Massachusetts, so I drive there everyday!

Your country sounds beautiful, as does Bulgaria and Croatia. It is true, I don't know much about those countries, but now, because of what you have said, I want to visit!

~ Jen

Vincent said...

j'ai hâte ;D plus que 24 jours a attendre :D

Vincent said...

J'ai hâte , vivement dans 24 jours :D

steffie.xo said...

Toronto, Canada :)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Love this post and that is one of the wonderful things about Blog Land, it allows you to connect with people from all over the world...incredible!!

I'm from the USA, and live in the State of California.

Ahhh Paris, I've never been and I can't wait until I can go!

Nath said...

@steffle.xo, Nifer and Karyn Bernard - looks like many of you come from the other syde of the world, it is so thrilling... and what i have noticed that i must be carful with my english as for so many of you english is native language and you might see my terrible mistakes :D

@Vincent - il faut avoir la patience, Vincent, bientot, tres bientot! :)

@Katie Frank - agreed, girl, they are missing sooo much fun, actually

@Italo - I am happy you know it, i have been in Italy for 2 times, i have seen the most known cities like Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan and many other little cities and towns like Paterno, Castelmezzano, Brindsi di montagna. Your contry is just amazing! And, to add more, i adored San Marino!!! :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's amazing! I've never been, but would love to visit.

I currently live in Hong Kong, China, but I'm from the US!

muchlove said...

When I hear Latvia, I think of Ernest Gulbis! hehe, I watch a lot of tennis, and he's very cute ;)

anyway, I'm from Indonesia but I live in Australia. I'm actually going home for the holidays soon, which I'm very excited about :)