Thursday, 6 August 2009


Shots of yesterdays photoshoot! Made by myself, Liene and Alexandre
I hope you really like them! :)


Lemon said...

this looks so fun. (i enjoy doing photoshoots with my friends too!). the black & white ones are my favourites. nice blog btw.

Manju said...

i love it!especially the one with the fan!gorgeous!

naicha said...

Lemon - hey, thank you, i really enjoy making fun photoshoots with my friends! I will check out your block! :)

Manju - THANK YOU so much! :) I appreciate your comments :)

Toothfairynotes said...

Wow, I love the black and white ones!


rodika said...

you look just gorgeous!!! and other pci are wooow!

Indy said...

What amazing pictures! You are very talented and stylish! Groovy blog!


naicha said...

Toothfairynotes - thank you, these are my favorites as well!

Radika - wow thank you!

Indy - Eh, I try my best! It is a big compliment for me! :)I am checking out your blog!

love, Nath

acadia said...

I love these!!

Nath said...

acadia - i love that you love them! :)