Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Reading is good!

2 days nicely spent! Enrolment in university,some waterpipe, ride to the museum at 10 o clock which was already close, fun! :D And today I had a nice tea pause with my french teacher, speaking about this and that,just like in the old times. She is a sweatheart, I would never think I could have had such positive and good realtionships with a teacher.

To make an impression of a REAL NERDY I will continue :D

And the following is the pictures of a book that I have been already reading for some time, it is written by a french classic writer Victor Hugo, called "Les miserables". Fascinating book, full of different personalities that are in some way connected to each other. Deeply reccomend it if you have patience, because all together it has approximately 700 or 800 pages. (Story is devided in two books, and I am reading the frist one)

The background of Dan Black - Symphonies

Cheers, and remember- reading is GOOD! :)

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Toothfairynotes said...

I share your thought, reading is good!
love that! I'm currently reading life of pi by yann martel :)