Friday, 31 July 2009

it is worth trying, always

Never regret. If it`s good, it` wonderful. If it`s bad, it`s experience.


Manju said...

hey doll!thanks for following my blog :)
this is such a great saying!really positive!
i like your blog banner,it's so cute!!
hope you're having a fun fun weekend

naicha said...

hey, Monju!
thanks for your comment, I am just a beginner here, but step by step I am getting into the whole "blog atmosphere"
By the way I really like your blog and read it often
keep in touch with you


Fay said...

En effet, il ne faut jamais avoir de regrets...

naicha said...

tout a fait! ce qui se passe avec nous - cest notre vie et il faut l`accepter comme elle est.