Friday, 24 July 2009

My inspiration, Ryan Tedder

Honestly … hands down Mr. Tedder is probably one of my top 3 producers of ALL TIME … He’s worked with the likes of Beyonce, J. Lo, Leona Lewis, Timbaland, and too many other mega-stars to name … This is one dude I will continue to study and admire for years to come...

Ryan Benjamin Tedder (born June 26, 1979 in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American singer, and Grammy nominated songwriter and record producer. He has written and produced for various artists but is best known as the frontman for the the band OneRepublic

There are many sides to Ryan Alias Tedder – Artist, Producer and Songwriter, all of which encompass a multitude of musical styles. Tedder is no stranger to success, having broken records and making chart history in 2007 & 2008. However, he has also, like so many other success stories the music business, experienced his shares of peaks and valleys along the way

As the front man for the globally successful rock band OneRepublic, Tedder also penned their No. 1 song “Apologize” of which the remix is featured on Timbaland’s Shock Value album and the original version is featured on the band’s own debut CD, Dreaming Out Loud released 11/20/07.

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