Monday, 27 July 2009


Today for the first time I felt like a real student! I had an entrance exam in the university of Latvia, which was quite difficult, we had to know many politicians, for example, the prime minister of Japan and the president of China (thank God I knew these ones, but there was some other political stuff I had no clue about). Anyways, I really enjoyed the feeling of having exam as a STUDENT of the university, I was pleasantly thrilled, haha! Also, apart from the test there was a part where we had to writte an essay, 4 themes were proposed and we had to choose one . One of them was "Emigration politics in Europe" which I found really good as a topical theme. As to myself, I decided to writte about the financial crisis in Latvia which is a topic NR 1 in all latvian newspapers, so it was not that difficult! :) Who knows will I be studying in this university or will I not, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere... all this really differs from the secondary school and this is exactly what I am looking forward to!

Not to sound too serious, I will tell you about my friends (čibi ribi Lienes) birthday party we had this saturday night. Soon it will be seen in pictures, but I have not got them yet, so, just in a few words about it. A lot of food, drinks and waterpipe, wild danses, I remember coldplay,some indian sound of the CD čibi ribi Liene had brought - I guess from India? :D Also the slow dance of me, Liene and Kristaps :D and the terrible morning I don`t even want to think about! :D

well, soon I will show you the captured pictures of the party!

By the way, čibi ribi Liene was really thrilled about the gift we made to her - indian drums. Something of this kind, just more colourful ones. Her surprise was indescribable :)

Hm, and shortly about another grand event, some days ago in France a little calf was named after me, so my name is getting popular in there (Nata). I guess I am proud about that... check it out. Merci, Vincent! :D :)

Too many events, too much to tell about, well, I will leave it for the next time, otherwise you will fall asleep while reading my nightmares :D

peace out y`all!
have a good day, night, week, SMILE! :)

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