Saturday, 18 July 2009

It is time to learn German

This day turned out quite sad to me. My stepfather (who is as close to me as my real father) left to Germany to work in there. From the one hand, it is a great opportunity for him, thats for sure, but from the other hand, it is sadly that in my country it becomes less and less possible to live a normal life (financially) and so, lots of families are seperated this way.

My stepfather is one of my closest friends, we laugh about everything and he always defends me in case my mother is not right :D Which I find really sweet! Besides, he went to Germany by car, my little sweet BMW, which I adore, it is not just an ordinary car, NO, it is MY GIRL! And I won`t see it for 2 months... :( or even longer, if I will be studying in France.

There is also a thing I noticed, that it is always much harder for those who stay than for those who leave. When you are leaving for something new, unexplored, you are not that sad about departure, but... for the other person who stays at home it is hard because the home seems so empty when someone`s gone! In this case I have quitte good experience, I remember how sad I was when Antonio was leaving ( my host guest from France), but I also remember when I was leaving Italy ( I lived there for a week, in italian family) - I was sad, BUT NO THAT SAD, I WAS NOT GREEVING like it was with Antonio... ;/

And now my stepfather is gone... and the house seems very empty.

But ofcourse, every cloud has a silver lining, it is time to learn German and visit him to make a super mega shopping, which is my closest future plan! :D (as we all know how cheap is in there)

so, peace out my babies!



Anonymous said...

Nat Super Star

naicha said...

danke pour la guitare! :D