Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Does thinking about the consequences always lead you to the satisfaction, the most wanted and desired? Does following the restrictions one have made to himself make him feel better or maybe... somewhat a person in a cage? People fear to put the wrong step to the direction they don't know where the end is. This is basically the fact why the world stop turning. I ask to myself too many times why didn't I do this and why didn't I say that. So many things unsaid, so many laughters and tears not shared and this is all for nothing. Or maybe these are people themselves that make you hide in the shadow of someone bigger than you are. This someone may be yourself, somebody that you want to be, but you are afraid will never become. That someone that is keeping you inside and torching you. People turn too serious to everything they do, as they had their own black and white angel on the shaulder that shows the right and the bad way. I have such a big impression that they don't realise that they have only one, one life that can be shared and spent however they want. By writting all this I am refering to myself firstly. While making all borders, I know what I lose. I lose laughter, experience, tears, friendship. And this is the sense of our lifes, isn't it?

I met a person that made my mind think upside down. Everything I thought was wright before doesn't make any sense anymore. And what never made sense, now makes it to me. This person, that drives me crazy, and fascinates me at the same time. I have denied it for a long time... but now it is getting clear to me. I am thankful to him, and I know exactly what to do. Just to try and not to regret whatever is on my mind.


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