Saturday, 7 August 2010

Does the fairytale love exists? The stories with the happy endings when "you understand how much you love somebody and you turn back and see him turning back and kissing you in the rain"? There should be this love, it makes me hope.
I remember once I surely had that feeling, when you are living through second by second and have impression that these tiny seconds are turning into long and endless minutes and every movement of yours is slowed down. I remember it so well how was I crying at the porch, thinking that I would never open the door and see him standing beside the car waiting for me anymore, that I would never feel the smell of him and we would never sit together in the car, driving the night Paris. But this did happen, and that moment felt like a fairy. When the most unexpected happens, something that you have dreamt about... you still don't believe.
Fairytale story is something you have to experience to understand. It is something that only big and famous authors can describe in their books, or talanted directors and actors in their movies. And music describes it, it does indeed. And it is beautiful that people are still hoping for it to become true. This truly shows the humanity people have kept inside, despite the new and cruel world we are living in.

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