Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I am so obsessed with my guitare that I am seeing me playing it all night in my dreams!

Speaking about dreams, it is the second time in a week I see a very weird and a dear one. People from Latvia, my town Salaspils. Liga, Ieva, Aija, Studio in my music school, Eriks, my piano teacher, Olgerts, concert, me with my guitare, then Olgerts gives me another very cool guitare, acoustic one, from music school, and I play it (at least try to)! And later I decide that mine is still better! And we laugh so muh, as always! And it is fun! Then a cinema, again - Liga, Ieva, Aija, I am still with my guitare, and it kinda bothers me, because someone passing by almost breaks it. And then something happens... I see M.Carey in the cinema, and I play my guitar a bit there too!!! There I also see some people from my old school... weeeird!
And then I see a Coldplay concert (clip for a song) in the TV and I see Baiba, Beate, Lita and Zane in a crowd from the concert in Riga! (I don't play in this part, surprisingly)
How weird is all that?!!

I don't like dreams, they are so weird, I'd rather didn't see them!

1Republic - Sucker Punch

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L_forlove said...

you know what, these few last nights i'm also seeing quite weird dreams. i think it's because of the moon.
i saw persons from our elementary school, persons i have nothing to do with, i don't see them now and i haven't even talked much to them. and it's also weird. last night i saw how i didn't want to buy ticket in a bus. i had the money, i just didn't want to give it away :D (in the end however i bought it, but then i just got out in the next stop.

but i already knew you're obsessed with guitar. in a good way, definately!