Monday, 5 July 2010

I was wondering about music and how does it influence people.
It is a shame for example, that i can not listen to my favorite tracks anymore because I have been listening to them at home, and now everytime I hear them, i get sad and think about home and stuff, and my sister who was dancing to all those tunes. That really sucks, as I really loove those tracks.
I remember some tunes that made me think about my ex a loong long time ago in october maybe... i remember how sad did i get when some of them showed up on my i pod, i always swithced another song, otherwise i would start crying... but surprisingly now, when I am listening to these tracks i don't feel any pain anymore, and finally I can enjoy the music, that is really good by the way!
Fortunately my other ex didn't listen to music that I liked, so I don't encounter any problems in this case!

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