Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I think I am going back to that old girl with long posts on her passport to paris. Many things have been going on in my life, and the short sentences that i wrote in here didn't show my life completely, though they showed what I felt!
The summer has come very fast, but it doesn't feel like summer. I don't have my Baltic sea, and my cat sunbathing in his garden outside my window, there's no swimming every single night with my friends at the moonlight, and there's no waterpipe .. this time it is different.. In Paris you can feel yourself as a prisoner, who can't escape from te city buzz and problems, and people.. you know, because people are problems.. they make problems... you do have parties, you do have fancy restaurants, friends, you do laugh and you do enjoy your life. But God I need rest, a bit of rest!
And yesterday my boss let me go on vacation! I am coming home! What an incredible feeling after some months of depression about the fact that I won't be able to come! I have those 7 days at home and I am so happy! Only those who are away can understand what it means, to be back in your room, and to speak your language, and to see your sister and mum, and friends, and drink tea in your room and smoking shisha and to take a bus Salaspils- Riga again, and pay those 60 centimes for that and go siging in a choire and go partying to Old Riga and yes, speak latvian! 26th of June

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L_forlove said...

yes yes yes yes
THIS MADE MY DAY! can't wait!!!