Saturday, 17 April 2010


I have got a new job.. and it is so perfect! I love it!
Still I have my old one which is starting to get on my nerves...
Today while trying to be in both, extra exhausted
But at least... I am occupied, and I gain money
And... I don't feel so forgotten from their side... even though they make me feel forgotten, so much!
But, it doesn't matter! I will survive, because I am survivor, and everybody loves me! In your faces all you, betrayers, who didn't even support me when I was sad, who didn't even care about how I feel.. not a single one!
You know that feeling when your love and friendship passes the border of hate and frustration?
I will smile anyway!
Another sad fact, it was the last day of Samuel's working day! I know that he likes me, and I like him too...
So dispite that we won't work together, we will meet, however! (when I say that he is sexy and cute, I really MEAN it! A perfect guy I would say...)

And at least he won't destruct my attention while working, haha

Thank you Samuel, this time it's you, my rebound guy))

1 comment:

L_forlove said...

i'm happy, that you're ok now! (:

but you sound so angry!